What is a modular kitchen?

The modular kitchen uses the module G.M Interiors from which its name has generated. In a modular kitchen, small modules or sections joined together to form the complete kitchen. These modules or parts offer space for storage and to keep appliances in the form of drawers, cabinets, and shelves.

G.M Interiors Of Modular Kitchen works best in limited spaces like in apartments and most popular among those who want a proper functional kitchen without compromising on space.

What are the trends these days?

Trends are something that changes with time, and when we talk about the kitchen, the open kitchen is in pattern these days. Gone are the days when the kitchen used to be a separate space for everything. Today, everything connected through the open space, which gives you an open kitchen to work, which adjoined the living room and dining space.

The best material for Indian modular kitchens

Indians these days prefer modular kitchen because of increasing modern lifestyle and decreasing living space, and that’s why the markets with modular kitchens in all shapes, sizes, colors, and variety.

However, when it comes to material that best suits the Indian modular kitchen, and then marble and granite is the best choice for the countertops and drawers, and cabinets’ aluminum, marble, lacquered wood, and steel is the best choice.

Pros and cons of modular kitchen

Modular kitchen is giving fierce competition to the traditional kitchen these days and becoming the number one choice among all classes of society; however, it is necessary to look into all the pros and cons of having a modular kitchen.